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How to Write a Compelling Product Review

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1) Does Your Title Create Excitement?
In order for someone to actually read your review, he/she has to find the title interesting. If you just put down, "my product review of XYZ" no one will care to notice. The title should be an attention grabber. At the same time, it shouldn't make exaggerated claims. One way of doing this is to phrase your title as a question. "Did I really lose weight using Bowflex revolution?" or pose a doubt, "Does Bowflex actually help burn fat or is it just a scam?" This appeals to a person's curiosity and begs for a click. Another way, is to make a statement. " I lose 50 pounds in 3 months using bowflex!" or "Bowflex helped me look young again!" whichever technique you use, however, keep it honest. Avoid using deceptive practices, as it will only tarnish your reputation in the long run.

2) Are you presenting an unbiased Review?
Buyers want to know the truth. They have tried countless e-books, get rich quick schemes, and money-making programs in the past, most of which ended in failure and shortcoming. As a result, they have become more skeptical. Your task as an affiliate marketer is to write an honest, informative, and complete product review. Include BOTH the pros and cons. The whole purpose is to help the buyer make a purchasing decision, by providing YOUR personal experience with the product. So, if you have not bought or used the product, there is no true way of doing this.

Most affiliate reviews on the Internet today are written like infomercials, selling hype rather than experiences. People know this. That's why they look to discussion forums and blogs for advice. If you want to sell affiliate products today, you have to first earn the trust and loyalty of your readers. The only way of doing this is keep your reviews honest. Share your experience, whether good or bad. Give the buyer a complete picture of the product. Don't make him/her feel that you are hiding something out. This keeps him coming back for more.

3) Do You Sound Authoritative and Approachable?
Your review should reflect a certain level of expertise. Offer advice or solutions in addition to product experience. Be opinionated. Include your credentials; honors, and past affiliate income, if any, at the end of the review. This answers the question, "why should I listen to you?" Let the buyer know that you are knowledgeable in Internet marketing. If he/she senses that you are a new affiliate with no IM skills, he/she may leave your website, in favor of more credible sources of information. In that case, take time out to
learn Internet marketing. The same applies to personality. Are you approachable? Can the buyer approach you, if he/she has a question? Are you easy to get a hold off? If not, take time out learn customer service.

4) Are You Creating Any Additional Value?
In other words, if the person decides to purchase the product, why should they buy it from you? What added benefit can you provide in addition to a product review. My suggestion is to give something valuable free. This could be an e-book, report, or a free consultation. If your website receives a lot of visitors, the product owner may even be willing to offer a special discount. The main idea here is to create additional value. This is called product bundling. The buyer should believe that he is getting more than just a review.

Author Bio:
Ryan DSouza is an Internet marketer and stock investor. His new blog teaches
internet marketing strategy for free. This includes topocs such as SEO and PPC marketing.

Comment Marketing To Make Money Online

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What is comment marketing?

Well it's actually been happening a lot since blogging became popular, however, it's where you consistently leave comments on high traffic blogs of your niche and when doing so you receive a link back to your site, plus if anyone clicks the link on your comment, then you will get traffic from that too.

How you should do comment marketing:

  • Research who the top bloggers are in your industry. You can simply do this by blog searching sites like technorati or just type in some searches on google and see which sites are actually blogs that come up. These guys are already listed in the first page of google so they have been doing some stuff right to get there. Since they are high traffic this will help you.
  • Create a list of these sites and begin a schedule that you can follow to begin posting comments to the sites. IMPORTANT: If you can try to be in the first 10 comments. You will have to find out if the blogger posts at the same time every day or every week and if so, try to be the fist commenter because that will give you the most traffic obviously. You will notice that if you are subscribed and you click on their post immediately once in comes into your email that there could be 40 comments already on there - that is because there is a delay from when they actually post to when feedburner or whatever they are using sends out the message to their list.
  • When commenting: DO NOT SPAM COMMENT! What's that? Well, make sure that you leave legitimate comments about what they posted and you more likely to have your comment posted since most are moderated. So if they are talking about 3 ways to find fish - make sure that you address something in your comment in regards to what was written. This will acknowledge that you actually read some of the post and who knows - you might just learn something that will help you so definitely read the post.
  • Evaluate every month which blogs seem to be getting you traffic and also search for new comers that may have popped up on the high traffic scene. You may have to drop a blog that you thought was doing well and start up with another one.
  • Be consistent. Again everything is about consistently leaving comments so that you can see the traffic start building a little more and more each week. You will still get some traffic even months from the time you comment if 1) the post was good and 2) You got within the first 10.
If you keep at these methods as another weapon you will drive more traffic and where there is traffic there is the potential to make money online. By the way most bloggers won't care that you are consistently commenting as long as you aren't SPAMMING! This is because it actually helps their ranking because the search engines see more activity on their site - so comments actually help their SEO.

Another positive point about comment marketing is that it actually helps your search engine ranking too. I have seen back links created each time a comment is made on another site, so this will help you and can be very beneficial when starting out.

6 Tips of SMO for Internet Marketing

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Written by Aleluia Sanjuan

Internet Marketing is the process of promoting products online. Thousands of companies and small business are making their way to success in selling services or products through their website online. One of the most helpful Internet Marketing Strategy they used is SMO. It stands for Social Media Socialization, which increases the traffic ability of your website from social networking sites and receive high search engine rankings.

If you want to increase your ability to receive thousands of sales each month, studying SMO strategy helps a lot. The most important techniques you should consider is to learn more about the process. Here are some tips to help you:

Good Content
Learn to write content to help increase the knowledge of the readers. The title should be catchy and write content daily to help readers get update. Remember that no one will love to read non-sense content.

Social Networking sites
Your target market is social networking sites so you need to look for those with high Ranking. They are already searchable and have thousands of users so you can have the assurance of many visitors.

Target Specific Audience
Every Social Networking sites have their specific target of audience. You need to submit your content according to information like this content 6 tips of SMO for Internet Marketing, which can be submit to the following Social Networking sites:

  • PlugIM- is a Social Networking sites for internet Marketing topics. You can bookmark content, which you find very helpful for you.
  • Sphinn - is a Social Networking sites for Internet Marketing Professionals. It helps you to share your content and receive vote from other users.
Summary of the Content
Online Readers read very fast. They do not stop to look each of the summaries submitted to Social Networking sites. The summary of your content should be interesting. Never write summary with confusing information like “Internet Marketing: SEO and SMO”. The main purpose here is to give idea of the whole content, not to confuse the readers.

Make bookmarking and voting easy
Social Networking sites offer free quick buttons. You can put it on your content for easy access of the readers to bookmark and to vote. It helps to increases the popularity of your content. Remember that many readers need to have reminder because most of them forget it.

Reward Readers
Many readers will continue to read your content, if they receive important information and reward. Letting them to link in your site or allow, “Do follow” for their website whenever they comment is a good strategy.

Social Media Socialization provides big impact because everyone is receiving benefits. As the process of SMO continues, the ability of internet marketing will continue to be successful. Right attitude, Right Knowledge and Right Strategy is necessary!

Earn online for beginners

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If you are beginner then you can earn money from some of the trusted money making websites.You can earn a decent level of income.I would like to discuss some of ways to earn money for beginners.

Paid to click: There are many paid to click sites.But all of them cnanot be trusted.Many are scams.Some of the leading and trusted paid to click sites are Neobux, Clicksia , Clixsense .They pay you for clicking ads.You can earn upto .01$ per ad.You will get an average of 6 - 10 ads per day.Sites offering more than .01$ per ad can be considered as scam.These paid to click(PTC) sites has a minimum payout of around 1- 2$.If you want details of trusted PTC sites,check PAID TO CLICK section of this blog.

Paid Online Surveys: This is another money making opportuinty for beginners.Some sites like Global test market,Surveysavvy pays you for completing surveys.They pays 1 - 5$ for each completed surveys.You will get paid if you donot qualify for a survey.The surveys are easy to complete.Just spend 10 - 15 mins and you can earn.For more details of trusted paid surveys visit ,PAID ONLINE SURVEYS .

Paid to Post:Its another way for beginners for earn income.There are many social networking sites like Mylot and other sites like Makemoneykingdom (forums) that pays you 3 - 5 cents per post you make.Superb na!!..Mylot is just like orkut .You can have friends and send scraps.But difference is that mylot pays you for the scraps and post you make.Check PAID TO POST section of this blog for more details.

Paid Cash Offers:Its another way to make money online.Just sign up a cash offer and earn .05 - .1 $. Treasuretrooper is the leading site.You can have referrals too.Check PAID CASH OFFERS .

I hope this article would be great helpful for beginners to make money online.Good luck.